• Hillbilly Rampage
    Season 3 antics at Zombie Combat Zone
  • Vancouver Canucks
    Members of the Vancouver Canucks at Zombie Combat Zone
  • BC Lions
    Members of the BC Lions at Zombie Combat Zone
  • The Undead
    Two of our living dead pose for the paparazzi at Zombie Combat Zone
  • Here zombie, zombie, zombie
    After dinner the Zombies are looking for dessert at Zombie Combat Zone
  • Here zombie, zombie, zombie
    Come out, come out wherever you are!
  • Zombiespotlighting
    Zane plays peekaboo with a sniper at Zombie Combat Zone

What is Zombie Combat Zone?

ZOMBIE COMBAT ZONE is a fight for your life through a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!! ZOMBIE COMBAT ZONE is North America's most authentic live action paintball scenario game. Upon arrival you will undergo a crash course bootcamp including a briefing on the situation, weapons training, then time to suit up and head out into the zone. You will be briefed on your mission prior to entering the zone.

Armed only with a paintball gun and all the guts you can muster, ZOMBIE COMBAT ZONE will push you to the edge....and maybe over!